The Worst Books of 2016.

I love writing posts where I can have a good moan.

 The below is just my opinions – these are books I personally didn’t like for reasons which I will explain below. These are also books that I read in 2016, not books that were published for the first time in 2016.

The Worst Book I Read in January.

Us by David Nicholls. Read more about my disappointment here.

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The Problematic Faves Book Tag.

I keep typing ‘problematic’ but it just doesn’t look right. That’s definitely how you spell it, but it’s stopped looking like a real-life word.

Anyway, I was thinking I hadn’t blogged for a while, and then I was thinking I didn’t have anything to blog about, and then I remembered I have a list of tags that people have nominated me for and I haven’t thought to do any of them. So today I’m doing the Problematic (?!) Faves Tag, created by the lovely Izzi at The Ravenclaw Book Club who very kindly tagged me for it.


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