May Reads 2017.

Ooh, I didn’t post much last month, did I?! We’ll have to sort that out in June.



I’ve been wanting to re-read The BFG since the new film was announced, and I finally got around to it. This and Matilda were my favourite Dahl books as a child, but I enjoyed re-reading this a lot more than Matilda, which was a bit of a disappointment when revisiting it as an adult.

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April Reads 2017.

Ooh, my April reads were a bit on the small side… I read a grand total of TWO new books!

I did have a book on the go all the way through April, though. First, I started reading I Call Myself a Feminist, which is a collection of essays and other writings by various women, many of whom are well-known for their feminist stance. I read about two-thirds of the way through it in a short time, but for some reason I put it down and I haven’t felt like going back to it since. I will definitely be finishing it soon though as I know I was really enjoying it.

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March Reads 2017.

*Ahem* This post may be a little bit… same-y. I read several books in one series and that particular series has, er, 13 books in it. I haven’t read all 13 yet but I am well on my way!

But first, in March, I re-read Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan. This is actually the last book series I discovered that I really loved. In all my life, I’ve probably only really got 4 series that I would say are absolutely great: Harry PotterHunger Games (although it took me a couple of tries to love the sequels), Percy Jackson and the series I will be talking about today.

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January Reads 2017

It must have been a whole year since I started my book blog as I think my first ever post was a January wrap-up! How exciting! If, you know, you don’t have much else going on in your life.

So I have been somewhat quiet on the blogosphere, and my 2017 target to love reading again has been a little bit the reason for this. It’s going well, because I am enjoying all the books I’m reading, but the downside is that I don’t have as many ideas for blog posts, because I’m not forcing my way through so many books and therefore having more subjects floating around in my brain. Hopefully it’s just a bit of a blogging slump and I’ll be posting much more regularly again soon!

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December Reads 2016.

I’ve decided to stop rating books out of 5. I think it’s making me over-think books and is actually encouraging me to have more negative opinions, because if a book that I loved doesn’t have all the right components then it’s not a 5-star read and it’s therefore not as good as I thought it was. But then, if I thought it was good then it was good, so I’m going to stop doing it. Does that make sense?


Well, it does to me, even if it doesn’t to Tennant, so here are the books I read in December.

1. The Stepford Wives by Ira Levin.

I really enjoyed this one. It’s a science-fiction novel about men who, disconcerted by theirimages-3 wives’ independent thinking, have systematically replaced all the women of the town with robots who look exactly like them but want to do nothing except domestic duties. Our main character, Joanna, moves to Stepford and is immediately disgusted by the lack of feminism in the place. She makes friends with two women who think like she does, but then, overnight, they change and want to stay in and clean the house all day like the rest of the Stepford wives.

I watched the film version of this years ago and the book was very different. I enjoyed the film too, but it was more of a comedy and had a happy ending, whereas the book is, although funny in places, much more bleak and makes a stronger comment on society and sexism.

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