Top 10 Saddest ‘Harry Potter’ Scenes.

I’m currently rereading Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix and just
reached a particularly sad scene. It really choked me up and I realised how amazing it is that, even now, the Harry Potter books STILL make me cry, despite how many times I’ve read them. I’ve therefore compiled a list of my top ten cry-worthy moments giphyfrom the Harry Potter series.

I’m going to assume that anyone reading this has read all the Harry Potter books, but if you haven’t – SPOILER ALERT!

The Mirror of Erised – Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.

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Top Ten Disappointing Reads.

Because I like controversy, here’s a few books I was expecting to be great but ended up being variations of OK to downright terrible. Sorry if any of your favourites are on this list!


The Light of the Fireflies by Paul Pen.


I actually started out really loving this book. Its Room-esque plot was intriguing and I found the writing style easy and interesting to read. It’s about a family living in what we assume is a basement or a nuclear bunker, where they have been living for years without ever going outside, and suddenly the daughter is pregnant – so we know something’s up.

 The ending was such a disappointment. After an exciting, sinister read, I was fully expecting to give this book 10 out of 10 – when suddenly it ends in a shower of victim-shaming. The daughter has been bullied and abused by other members of the family, yet somehow it is she who gets her comeuppance, not her abusers, and she is painted as the villain.

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