B is For… ‘The Boy in the Dress’ by David Walliams.

Hi all! I’ve been running around a lot today, trying to find a bookcase (no luck there) and some other bits of furniture, then I headed over to the house of someone who has Sky to watch Game of Thrones (so exciting) so I’ve only just got in and didn’t think I’d have time to blog today!

But I felt too guilty so I thought I’d do my alphabet post.

Today I’m discussing…


The Boy in the Dress by David Walliams.

This is a children’s book in which twelve-year-old Dennis deals with the confusion of being a boy who loves football and also women’s fashion. He eventually attends school as ‘Denise’, and we see the different reactions from his fellow students as well as those of his brother, father and teachers.

The book is very Dahl-esque – it’s even illustrated by Quentin Blake – and has some important points to make on gender ‘rules’ and how they stunt children’s development. Unfortunately, Walliams’ writing is funny but has little finesse: it’s hard to remember the valuable lesson of a novel that just isn’t technically very well-written.


  • A great lesson that hasn’t been addressed nearly enough in children’s literature.
  • Readable for adults as well as kids, with some hilarious tongue-in-cheek humour.


  • Though the themes are memorable, the story isn’t.
  • Walliams’ writing needs practice. However, I think this was his first or one of his first novels, so his later books may be better.


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