September Reads 2017.

By accident, last month had a bit of a children’s books theme. I continued with my re-read of the A Series of Unfortunate Events books, from The Ersatz Elevator all the way up to The Grim Grotto. Then, with some reluctance as I didn’t want the series to end, I moved on to The Penultimate Peril and then, of course, The End.


 These two books were of course just as good as their predecessors. This series has been such a great ride: every book is unique and well-crafted and even though a lot of them follow the same pattern they never get dull. Even after rereading I still have no idea which are my favourites – they are all so good.

All the way through I was wondering how the series would end, because it was clear it couldn’t be a happy ending but I also couldn’t imagine that it would end with an unhappy ending. I think it was executed brilliantly, with just the right balance of happy and sad.

I then re-read Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone because I found the illustrated version on Kindle! I absolutely adore Jim Kay’s illustrated editions of the Harry Potter books (had to cancel my PoA preorder due to some postage shenanigans, sob sob) but they are pretty massive and therefore difficult to read in bed and impossible to read on the go. The Kindle-in-Motion version is an amazing alternative, especially with the moving pictures that give the whole thing a proper Hogwarts feel.

I was hoping to download and reread Chamber of Secrets straight after but sadly they don’t appear to have released that one yet.

And one book for adults…

I finally read Beartown, or The Scandal, by Fredrik Backman.

I actually got a Netgalley copy a while before it was released, but it was so badly edited that I just gave up. It was impossible to read – missing letters, huge gaps between paragraphs, no dialogue markers… nightmare! I was gutted because I’ve loved everything I’ve read by Backman and wanted to be one of the first to discover his latest novel.

But no matter – I bought myself a proper ebook to devour. It’s not my favourite of his books as it’s in a very different vein, and so much is focused around hockey which I’m just not interested in. However it was still brilliant – I’m beginning to think he just can’t write a book I won’t love. I’m still hoping to write a review so I won’t say anything else here except that it is definitely worth your time.

So, apart from Beartown, it was a month of children’s books! And a lot of re-reads too. Hoping to read something scary AF in October.


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