My Stephen King TBR List.

I’ve read a few King books in my time, and have always found him to be somewhat hit-and-miss. The books I do enjoy, I really really enjoy, but the books I don’t enjoy, I can’t even finish. For some reason it’s all his biggest bestsellers that I don’t like – The Shining, It, Carrie (I did finish that one – it’s pretty short – but can’t see what all the fuss is about) and all his lesser-known ones that I love: MiseryThe Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon; and Thinner, to name a few.

Because of this, there are severa King books that I’m just not interested in reading. However, he has given me hours of reading pleasure and there are several that still really intrigue me. I’m always wary of starting a King book just in case it takes me a while to get into it, so some of this have been on my TBR for years.

dark half.jpeg1. The Dark Half

This is about an author and his – alter-ego? Twin? I’m not sure, but I think it’s a pseudonym he writes under which comes to life, or maybe it’s all in his head à la Secret Window.

(Actually, Secret Window‘s plotline sounds so similar to The Dark Half that for a long time I thought they’d just changed the name.)

This less traditional horror story is the sort I really enjoy from King, so I’d like to give the book a go.

2. Gerald’s Game

As a Misery fan, this storyline has always intrigued me. The opening scene concerns me a geralds.jpeglittle as it hints at a rape scene – I haven’t got far enough into it to know if that does happen. Some great books do have rape in their storyline though, so although I find it uncomfortable, I wouldn’t boycott the book.

I’ve recently learnt that Gerald’s Game is soon to become a Netflix original film, so I’d like to read the book before I watch it. That’s actually the announcement that inspired this post!

3. Pet Sematary

I’m not convinced I’ll enjoy this one. For some reason, in my head, I pair it with Salem’s Lot, which I didn’t think was very good at all. But the premise reminds me so much of a Goosebumps book that I used to love as a kid, so I’ve got to read it one day. I’m putting it off for now though.

4. Needful Things

OK, so my reason for wanting to read this book is stupid.


There’s a Rick and Morty episode that parodies it and I only just realised that it’s parodying it. So now I want to read it. The problem is, because of Rick and Morty, I’m now expecting comedy rather than horror…

5. The Tommyknockers

All I really know about this book is: ‘aliens’. I’m not usually into scifi so I don’t know what it is that intrigues me about this book, but it’s basically always been in my head as one that I’d probably enjoy. I think someone told me as a teenager that it was a good one and their recommendation just stuck with me.

I know there are a few everyone will tell me to read – The Dark Tower series, for instance. (I don’t know if I have the patience for that.) But if anyone has any King book recommendations they think I’d enjoy, please tell me! I like his more understated psychological horrors, rather than books with monsters. I also like horror stories that could actually happen – e.g., you could actually get stuck in a car with a rabid dog outside, or you could get held prisoner by your number one fan.

Always looking for my next page-turner!


3 thoughts on “My Stephen King TBR List.

    1. I would definitely recommend Misery. The first one I read was Cujo – it did have a bit of a supernatural element to it which I wasn’t keen on but it was a proper page-turner. He’s got so many books that I’m sure there’s one out there for you! X

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