April Reads 2017.

Ooh, my April reads were a bit on the small side… I read a grand total of TWO new books!

I did have a book on the go all the way through April, though. First, I started reading I Call Myself a Feminist, which is a collection of essays and other writings by various women, many of whom are well-known for their feminist stance. I read about two-thirds of the way through it in a short time, but for some reason I put it down and I haven’t felt like going back to it since. I will definitely be finishing it soon though as I know I was really enjoying it.

slope.jpg Of course, I read some more Lemony Snicket: the A Series of Unfortunate Events books that I read in April were The Carnivorous Carnival and The Slippery Slope. I’m absolutely loving these books and I haven’t felt this happy while reading a series since Percy Jackson. In fact, I almost feel like I felt when I was discovering Harry Potter for the first time… but not quite.

I also re-read A Man Called Ove by Fredrik oveBackman this month. Backman has swiftly become one of my favourite authors: everything he writes touches me and I love the emotion that he brings into the everyday. A Man Called Ove made me cry the first time and I cried this time too. Ove is a wonderful character and Backman is an incredible writer. (Can’t wait for Bear Town!)

So that’s all my reads/re-reads for the month of April. Hopefully May’s will be longer! Thanks for stopping by!


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