OK, So Booksically… Tag

I saw the title of this tag and knew I had to do before I’d even watched the video. (Video I saw was this one by LilyCReads, the original by Okay So Booksically is here. I may now need to watch a lot of his videos.) I really shouldn’t be doing tags I haven’t been tagged for when I’ve still not done so many that I have been tagged for, but I am a law unto myself so…

here we go.gif

Question 1: Tell Us About Your User / Blog / Channel Name and Your Real Name.

My blog is primarily about books but I do sometimes post about stuff I’ve been getting up to. I usually try and link it back to books though. I also have a card-making blog (which is more or less abandoned) and a new blog about beauty/fashion etc.

My username is rubbish: I first wanted to join the online bookish community by making videos about books. I looked at BookTube and was like, ‘I wanna!!!’ – but I feel like I’ve not got the skills or resources to do a book vlog channel and make it really good, or anywhere near as good as the people already doing it. So I called myself ‘The Bookish Underdog’ because of all these people who have 243243242343223 views on every video. (Views which they very much deserve.)

I would still like to make YouTube videos, but I lack the confidence at the moment. I’m happy to make videos in my room away from the world, but I can’t quite force myself to do it while anyone else is in the house or near a window where I’ll have better lighting.

Question 2: Open Instagram search and chat about the first 3 images.

Screen Shot 2017-05-01 at 10.18.58.pngThe first one is someone getting proposed to at River Cafe, New York. I think this is because someone I know is in New York at the moment and I’ve been liking a lot of her pictures.

The second is… I believe that’s a burger with a pancake on top? It’s from Annie’s Burger Shack, a restaurant in Nottingham that do lots of crazy burger recipes. I have been once before and wasn’t too impressed – I liked the choice and the unusual flavours (I had a burger with mixed seafood on top of it) but I didn’t enjoy the texture of the burger.

However, there’s a bar underneath the restaurant called The Ocean State Tavern which is much more pleasing. It’s a great place to go before a night out because it doesn’t get packed like everywhere else in Notts. If you’re ever visiting, go there! And probably go to Annie’s as well, because it only seems to be me who’s not keen.

I’m not sure why this next one is on my recommendations, but it’s a meme with a ‘no cheating’ poster that has a picture of someone’s hand with the answers written on it. Then a note underneath saying that the maths formulas written on the hand were required for the exam so helped someone with the answers.

Question 3: Open YouTube and talk about the first 3 images.

I have to admit I didn’t choose the first 3 videos, mainly because the first 3 were all from the same YouTuber, but also because I wanted the opportunity to talk about some of my favourite BookTubers.

The first of my recommended videos is one that I can’t believe I haven’t watched yet: ‘Super Massive Book Haul II‘ from Reads and Daydreams. Reads and Daydreams (or Lauren) is my number one FAVE booktuber. She rarely does book hauls so I really need to watch this soon.

Second is ‘This Is Literally The Worst Book I’ve Ever Read‘ by LilyCReads (the one who inspired this post). I’m a really big fan of Lily as well, because she just doesn’t give a shit. She doesn’t make it through a video (hell, she barely makes it through a sentence) without swearing, and I’m not saying I watch her because she swears, but it’s refreshing to see someone on YouTube who’s not all happy and bubbly and over-the-top all the time. (I already know this video is going to be hilarious as well, because her videos where she just rants are my favourite thing.)

Finally, we have ‘My Top 10 Favourite Books of All Time‘ by Jean Bookishthoughts. Jean is actually the first BookTuber I ever discovered and you therefore have her to thank (or blame) for my decision to start a book blog. I like her because she talks about the books no one else is talking about, and is unashamedly a geek.

Question 4: Your Favourite Song to Listen To While Reading / Writing, and how Many Plays It’s Got.

I don’t really listen to music while I’m reading or writing because I find music very distracting. I always want to sing along and obviously you can’t concentrate on reading/writing while singing. I do sometimes put on meditation music while reading, but only if I’m on my own because I don’t like the house being silent. I’d much rather have the TV in the background than music.

However, I do like to listen to music while doing housework, because singing and dancing makes washing up etc a lot less tedious. (I always sing ‘I Want to Break Free’ by Queen while I’m Hoovering.) When washing up, my favourite playlist to listen to is either my ‘Musicals’ playlist on Spotify (lots of songs from different musicals – lately I’ve been listening to The Book of Mormon a lot because I saw it last weekend) or Elvis songs. (Don’t know how many plays those have got. Lots.)

Question 5: Favourite Book on Your Shelf at the Moment?

Like LilyCReads, my favourite book is and always will be To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper

Screen Shot 2017-05-01 at 10.40.43.png
Again, really sorry for my photography ‘skills’.

Lee, but if it means my favourite physical book to look at, I’ll need to choose one from this pile of books in the corner of the room. It’s my favourite section of all my bookshelves because it’s where I keep all my prettiest editions.

Obviously I love all of these editions, but my favourite is probably the pink and gold Penguin edition of Grimms’ Fairy Tales. You can get this for £20 from Waterstones, and I’m hoping to collect the entire set. As you can see, I have this one and Wuthering Heights so far, and I think I want to get The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde next because I love the embossed laboratory bottles on it. (I bought the Dracula one for my friend’s birthday the other day, and I was so sad when I had to part with it.)

Screen Shot 2017-05-01 at 10.44.22.png

Question 6: Favourite Bookish Thing That You Love Using as a Prop in Your Pictures / Videos.

Errr… nothing, really. I don’t have any bookish props. I would really like some FunkoPops, though – I need the Snape one in my life.

Question 7: 3 Books You Are Dying to Re-Read, but Probably Never Will.

Well, I hope there are no books that I’m dying to re-read but probably never will – I’d like to get to them all eventually. But the following might take me a while to get around to.

imagesFrankenstein by Mary Shelley – I read and enjoyed this at uni and have wanted to re-read it since, but it feels like a big commitment.

White Teeth by Zadie Smith – I started rereading this a little while ago but got bored in the middle and stopped. I do still want to finish it but had to resign myself to putting it back on my shelf for the time being. (I think I got a bit restless halfway through when I had to read it for uni, so it must dip a bit in the middle.)

We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves by Karen Joy Fowler – This is one that I actually probably never will get around to re-reading, because I’m scared I won’t enjoy it as much the second time around. It has a great twist in the middle that I just wasn’t expecting, and I feel like it was that surprise that made the book so great for me. I do want to re-read because I loved it, but I don’t want to re-read in case it ruins it for me.

Question 8: Amazing Bookish Finds (This Can Be Books/Bookish Things/Bookish Moments).

An amazing bookish find was this bookshop that I visited in Alnwick, Northumberland last year. It’s called Barter Books and has this lovely grand gate when you walk up to it, and the inside is just… fabulous.

It’s like the Hogwarts library. I actually went again recently but couldn’t find anything to buy this time. The experience was still amazing though.

Question 9: Hottest Authors / Author Crush.

I don’t think I have a crush on any authors really :-/ I don’t even know what many of them look like. I just googled a few but no one is setting my loins afire.

I tag anyone who reads this! Here are the questions if you want to copy and paste them:

1 – Tell us about your user/blog/channel name and your real name
2 – Open Instagram search and chat about the first 3 images
3 – Open YouTube and talk about the first 3 videos
4 – Your favourite song to listen to while reading/writing, and how many plays it’s got
5 – Favourite book on your shelf at the moment
6 – Favourite bookish thing you love using as a prop in your pictures/videos
7 – 3 Books you are dying to re-read, but probably never will
8 – Amazing bookish finds (this can be books, bookish things, or bookish moments)
9 – Hottest author(s)/Author Crush


3 thoughts on “OK, So Booksically… Tag

  1. Lol I’m behind on tags I’m tagged for, but I do them according to my mood. I plan to do this one too.
    Jean @ Jean’s Bookish Thoughts is one of my fav booktubers too! I really like her recommendations.


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