March Reads 2017.

*Ahem* This post may be a little bit… same-y. I read several books in one series and that particular series has, er, 13 books in it. I haven’t read all 13 yet but I am well on my way!

But first, in March, I re-read Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan. This is actually the last book series I discovered that I really loved. In all my life, I’ve probably only really got 4 series that I would say are absolutely great: Harry PotterHunger Games (although it took me a couple of tries to love the sequels), Percy Jackson and the series I will be talking about today.

I had a really great time re-reading The Lightning Thief. It’d been a while, so I enjoyed rediscovering the characters and all the minute details. There’s so much going on in these books, so it’s one of those series where you see new things on each re-read.

If you haven’t read them, the Percy Jackson books follow a teenage boy, Percy, who learns that he is really the son of Poseidon, the Ancient Greek sea god, and that the greek gods are real and still exist today. As a powerful demigod, Percy attracts monsters, who eventually chase him to Camp Half-Blood, where he discovers more demigods just like him.

These books are fabulous because they are not only exciting stories, but they also teach you all about Ancient Greek mythology. And if you’re more into Ancient Rome, you could read the follow-on series, Heroes of Olympus, though I don’t rate those anywhere near as much as the originals.

I then re-read Life of Pi by Yann Martel, which I’ve been meaning to re-read for absolutely ages. It had been a long time since I’d read it but it had stayed with me so I didn’t find that I discovered much more on the second time around. However, I really enjoyed re-reading it as I think Martel’s writing is wonderful. It’s made me want to buy The High Mountains of Portugal pretty soon.

On to the new books I discovered in March:

The Reptile Room by Lemony Snicket. Yes, the book series I was talking about in the intro to this post was of course A Series of Unfortunate Events. I am EXTREMELY late to the party with this. My friends actually always recommended these books to me when I was younger, but I was never bothered about reading them.

I don’t regret it, though, because they are just as good as an adult. In fact, I think they’re probably even better, because they’re quite grown-up books for children. I love the writing style and I’ve never come across any books quite like them before.

I read the first book, The Bad Beginning, back in February and was going to avoid reading them for a while because I wanted to be able to enjoy the second season of the Netflix show as much as I did the first. However, I reminded myself that, although there are several films / TV shows where I wished I’d read the book first, there are no books where I wished I’d seen the film / TV show first.

So I leapt in, didn’t I?

The Wide Window was next, and then The Miserable Mill. This is the book the Netflix show ended on, but of course, by the time I’d read 4 books, I was hooked. I couldn’t possibly wait til the second series came out before I read the rest of them. So I moved on to The Austere Academy, and then The Ersatz Elevator, which had a twist I really didn’t see coming. (Well, I did, because the illustrator went and put a picture of the twist at the start of a chapter, but before I saw the picture I didn’t see it coming.)

I think The Vile Village is my favourite so far, but they’re all amazing in their own ways. I think they’re all equally brilliant and I probably won’t be able to pick a favourite until I’ve finished them all and then re-read them all several times over. I then read The Hostile Hospital, which was extra sinister, and I’m now in the middle of The Carnivorous Carnival. But I really am going to have to pause after that, because the ebooks are £5.99 each and it’s a week since payday and I’ve literally got no money because I spent it all on books and a Tommy Hilfiger coat…

Books and Tommy Hilfiger coats are clearly worth it, though.

So I read several books in March, but I’m sorry if this post is a bit boring as most of those books were part of the same series! I have to say this series is fantastic though. I said that already, I know, but I will shout it from the rooftops. My niece is DEFINITELY getting them for Christmas.

(She loved Goth Girl, by the way!)


3 thoughts on “March Reads 2017.

  1. Ah I love Life of Pi- I should reread that too!! I’m glad you’re enjoying the Series of Unfortunate Events- I read it wayyy back in the day (though I never actually finished the series). Embarassingly enough I still need to read Percy Jackson (though I have a copy of the first one now- so it should finally happen soon!)


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