Oops! I Forgot to Post Ever.

Today’s post is a general update explaining why I haven’t been around much lately.

This is you guys right now because you didn’t even notice I was gone:


And this is me:


I don’t watch the Kardashians but I spend hours trawling through gifs of them. Kourtney is so funny.

 So I don’t think I’ve posted for a couple of weeks, and this is bad because the more I post, the more ideas I get and therefore the more regularly I post. But if I’m not posting, the ideas don’t come, and then this happens and I’m just on the settee in my onesie watching old episodes of The Only Way is Essex on Netflix.

 Ah, Netflix. Another reason I haven’t been posting lately is because I’ve not been reading as much as usual, and Netflix is a big reason for this! I’ve really been getting into the new A Series of Unfortunate Events on Netflix. I’ve seen bits of the old movie, and have never read the books, but this new series is excellent and so funny.


It’s got a little bit of a musical vibe to it, and I feel like it takes itself less seriously than the film (though, again, I haven’t seen the whole film, so I can’t really judge). It’s made me want to read the books – I feel like I’ve been missing out.

 We mentioned TOWIE, and yes, this is a problem too.

 I discovered a few nights ago that the entire series of The Only Way is Essex is back on Netflix, so instead of reading, blogging or doing anything else I actually need to do, I’ve been binge-watching old episodes. I know a lot of people hate this show, but I loved it when it first came out and so many people have left since the first few seasons that I forgot how great it was at first. (I thought it was great, anyway.) There’s also so many storylines that I completely forgot about and it’s hilarious looking back on them knowing what’s going on with the cast now.

 Another thing that’s been cutting into my reading time is Pokemon Go.


They recently had a Valentine’s Day event where lots of pink Pokemon were appearing, so I stopped reading on the bus to work each day and started trying to catch Chansey instead. (I did manage to get one, but only one, so it’s my buddy Pokemon now because that appears to be the only way I’ll ever get Blissey.) I also got a Porygon! Exciting!

 That event wasn’t great because I mostly just got Jigglypuffs, which I had enough of anyway. (I didn’t see a single Clefairy during that event.) However…


  If you play / have played Pokemon Go, you’re probably already aware of this, but they finally dropped Generation 2 this week so I’ve been playing nonstop since Friday. I was hoping they’d do another chance for you to get starters like when they first introduced the game – you know, how Squirtle, Charmander and Bulbasaur appeared around you and you chose which one you wanted. I hoped they’d do the same with Cyndaquil, Totodile and Chikorita, but no such luck.

 So far, I have a few Gen 2 Pokemon but nothing too exciting. I did, however, catch a couple of Dittos, which I didn’t have before, because Sentret, one of the new common Gen 2 Pokemon, has a habit of transforming into Ditto.

 I have been doing some reading, though. I recently read Everyday Sexism, which I really images.jpegwanted to do a review of, but since I finished it I’ve been struggling to collate my thoughts. I may have to do a quick reread because at the moment my notes are basically just me gushing about how good it is and getting angry about how bad some of the experiences are. (Although I guess that’s a pretty appropriate response to this book, I’d also like to write a review that has a point to it.)

 I’m currently reading The Bone Sparrow by Zana Fraillon, which started out really good but as I’ve gone on, I’ve lost interest a little. I’m going to keep reading as I have a feeling it’s going to get good again, but at the moment I’m taking my time with it.

 My shelves are starting to look a lot better as well as I can now go through them and proudly say that I’ve read most of them! I mean, I still have a LOT to get through, but I’ve been quite good about reading the stuff on my shelves rather than downloading ebooks lately.

 And also – I got promoted the other day. 🙂

 So that’s a general update on my life! How are you guys doing?!


7 thoughts on “Oops! I Forgot to Post Ever.

  1. Series of Unfortunate Events is a good time, right?! 😀 The gif you included was a hilarious moment. The way Count Olaf disparages the children is a riot. Thanks for the update, hopefully those creative juices get flowing. Don’t force it though! It’s better to chill out and regain your legs than forcing things you won’t be proud of. Great post!


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