Book and Stationery Haul (Oh, and a Dress).

I really don’t need to buy more stuff so soon after Christmas, but I just couldn’t WAIT to spend my vouchers. So I marched off into town for a new diary (which I genuinely do need) and some books (which everyone needs).

I had £20 worth of Waterstones vouchers and was like, ‘Yep, not gonna spend any more than £20 in here.’ Of course I spent £30. BUT that meant I got 3 stamps on my loyalty card so I got £10 to add to the £5 I already had on my rewards card, so now I have £15 to spend in Waterstones! Yay! So it probably won’t be long before I visit them again.

I bought the following:


Through the Woods by Emily Carroll.

This is a series of short stories all told in a graphic novel (or, I suppose, graphic short story) format. I’ve read the first two stories so far and it’s really creepy. It’s fairytale-esque and very dark, with beautifully spooky illustrations. Also, it was £10.99 – pretty reasonable for a graphic novel, right?!

The Noughty Girl’s Guide to Feminism by Ellie Levenson.

I disappeared up to the fourth floor, where the political and feminist literature is ferreted away, because I wanted to get Everyday Sexism and Girl Up by Laura Bates. However, Girl Up was more than I wantedimages-1 to pay and I literally could not find Everyday Sexism anywhere! So I’m going to use my Amazon vouchers for those, I think.

However, while I was up there, I stumbled across two other feminist books which sparked my interest. The Noughty Girl’s Guide to Feminism is, so far, really good (I’m only on page 10 or something like that though). I have noticed that she has mentioned gay and black women’s rights in a kind of ‘yes, I know it exists but that’s all I’m going to say on it’ way, which bothers me a little, but we’ll see how we get on with the rest of the book.

images-2Vagenda by Holly Baxter and Rhiannon Lucy Cosslett.

This was a completely spontaneous buy (as all of these books were) and when I bought it I thought it was a compilation of blog posts from Baxter and Cosslett. However, I read the blurb a second time and it turns out they wrote this book anew after the success of their shared blog.

It’s about women in the media really, focusing on issues like too much photoshopping, the thigh gap, the bikini body and ’50 ways to please your man’ articles. This is one of the feminist issues that I am most interested in, so I’m really looking forward to reading this.

I also went to The Works, where I was on the hunt for two diaries for 2017. This is because I need a main planner-type diary for work and personal use, and I also wanted to get a diary in which I could write down what I eat each day. I suffer quite regularly from cystitis, which seems to have on some occasions been triggered by the types of food I’m eating, so if I have an attack, I want to be able to look back at what I’ve eaten that week and see what I should avoid in future.

I found one I thought that was quite fitting as it had the quote ‘A year from now you will wish you had started today’ on the front. If I get Screen Shot 2016-12-28 at 17.57.43.pngcystitis and haven’t written down the food I’ve eaten that week, I definitely will regret it so am hoping this quote will encourage me to keep filling in the days!

This was £2 so I wanted to get both diaries from The Works, but I couldn’t find anything pretty enough to use as my main diary.


So I scuttled over to Paperchase, who never let me down.

I’m quite specific about what my main diary needs to be like – it needs to be week-to-view (and have fairly big sections for each day), it needs to be for the whole of the year, not the academic year, it needs sections for notes in case I have a brainwave for a story or have to write a shopping list and it needs to be quite stunningly beautiful. Preferably, it should have lines to write on too, so I can keep my appointments etc nice and neat. I’d also like it to have somewhere that I can clip a pen too as well, if possible. Oh – and I won’t accept a diary any bigger or smaller than A5 – I need room to write and I also don’t want it to take up loads of space in my bag, especially if I’m now having to carry around two diaries!

Screen Shot 2016-12-28 at 18.04.06.pngI found this lovely pink and gold debossed one in Paperchase for £12, which I thought was fairly reasonable even though I’d much rather have paid £2 in The Works!

It’s quite luxurious- and expensive-looking, I think. It’s got this faux leather covering and a magnetic flap so it can’t get all messed up in my bag (although I am concerned about pens leaking over it if I’m honest). It has everything that I wanted, except there’s nowhere to clip a pen to it, but you can’t have everything.

I also bought a dress, if you’re interested – I found it in one shop and LOVED it but it was way too small. (As in, I was scared my big butt was going to rip it when I tried it on.) Luckily there are 3 Dorothy Perkins shops in Nottingham so I stampeded to the next one and nearly cried looking through the hangers for a size 12 or 14. FINALLY I found a size 14 and went to try it on. I was soooooo happy when it fit!

Screen Shot 2016-12-28 at 18.07.59.png

I’m really pleased with this as it’s not often I find something that’s just right for my shape. I think it’s modest enough that I could wear it to the office but also dressy enough for drinks after, or I could wear it casually at the weekend with some flats. It was also in the sale and I had enough vouchers for it so this was the most epic shopping win I’ve had for years!


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