I’m Very Thankful For…

Being English, I don’t celebrate Thanksgiving myself, but I like the idea of going around the table and saying things you’re thankful for. We often take things for granted. So, in no particular order, here’s a list of bookish things I’m really grateful to have in my life.


I adore ebooks. I love their portability and the fact that I can buy as many as I like without having to find the space. I also prefer reading ebooks, because I can read in whatever position I like without my neck aching. Sure, they have their cons as well, and they’re not everybody’s cup of tea, but I’m a big fan.


Plus, if I buy an ebook, I tend to read it straight away. With physical books, I often buy a big pile and then don’t read them for months or even years!

Harry Potter.

Is anyone not thankful for the wizarding world? So many of us wish we could go to Hogwarts, and there’s been times in my life that I’ve been really sad that it’s not real (allegedly). But I’m so glad it exists in our imaginations. This year has been especially wonderful for Potter fans, with the first of a new film series and the Cursed Child play coming out.

I’m so excited for next year as well – we should be getting the illustrated Prisoner of Azkaban book. Not only do I love Jim Kay’s illustrated Harry Potter books, but PoA was the first one I ever read and also one of my favourites from the series.

The ability to read.

Reading has always come easily to me, firstly because of my privileged background and the fact that I was able to get an education and learn to read, so much that I and my parents took it completely for granted. Secondly, I’m not dyslexic and don’t have any other learning difficulties, so I was able to disappear into other worlds as much as I liked.

While I do think you shouldn’t give up on reading if you have dyslexia or similar, I do understand how frustrating it must be, and why you probably don’t want to struggle through a book.

The school curriculum.

I know a lot of people hated studying books at school, but GCSE English and my university degree introduced me to so many books and poems that I would never have thought about picking up if I’d been left to my own devices. Some favourites that I first read at school / uni:

  • White Teeth by Zadie Smith
  • To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee
  • Maus by Art Spiegelman
  • The Monk by Matthew Lewis

If I hadn’t been made to read them, I don’t think I would have read any of the above yet.



I don’t use libraries much because the last time I went to one I found it not to be very good, but as a resource I think they’re great. I have moved somewhere new now so keep meaning to try the library here. Sadly, the last one I went to didn’t have much stock and I also didn’t like how, if you borrowed a big pile of books, you still only got a total of 3 weeks to read them all. I feel like they should give you more time if you’re borrowing lots of books. However, this one is closer than the old one was to my old home, so I should be able to nip in and renew my books quite easily.

I’m also very intrigued at the idea of borrowing ebooks!


School is featuring heavily in this post – I didn’t realise how thankful I was for it! (You couldn’t pay me to go back, though.) I really enjoyed Shakespeare’s plays at school, though I would probably not read them in script form now. We also had a few trips to see the plays onstage, most memorably (for me) an outdoor production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream in London’s Regent’s Park.

I’m a huge lover of theatre in general and since we weren’t too far from London, we got to go and see quite a few musicals and plays for school trips. I first saw Blood Brothers, my favourite musical, with the school.

I also did a Writing for Theatre unit at university, which I still think was the most useful one in terms of creative writing advice. (Most units only suggested ways of generating ideas, rather than actually teaching you how to write well.)

Thanks for stopping by!


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