5 thoughts on “Review WITH SPOILERS: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.

  1. Nice review! It sounds like you had an enjoyable time seeing the show! I agree that some of the play reads like fanfic. I wasn’t too bothered by the time-traveling aspects but I think it’s how the time-turners are brought up again and Delphi’s parentage that contrasts rules and plots already established in the books. Other than that it’s a really fun read. I can only imagine how some of the scenes are played out. Thinking about the ending would be terrifying and so sad.

    Not sure if you’ve gotten this question before but is the rehearsal edition of the book that much different from the official play? Do you think there will be differences when the official script comes out next year? Thanks!


    1. Yeah, the time turner thing didn’t bother me too much – I thought it was a fun storyline and it was consistent with the books because they mentioned how most of them had been destroyed. But Voldemort having a daughter… no, just no. Goes against EVERYTHING about his character in the books. And no, the rehearsal edition is not that different 🙂 the thing about theatre is obviously that it’s changing all the time, as new actors come in or audiences react to things in different ways they may add a few improv’d lines and stuff like that but I don’t think there’s any need for people to buy the revised script when it comes out. Unless you just want it for your collection obviously x


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