9 thoughts on “This is Not a Book.

  1. Love the Magritte reference. I feel the same way – I’m reserving judgement until I’ve seen the play (in fact, I’m not even reading it until I’ve seen the play). I’ve seen quite a lot of negative reviews, which has worried me a little, but like you said, seeing a play and reading a play are very different things. I hope you have an amazing time watching it this weekend – I’m not seeing it until December so I have a little bit of a wait…


    1. I am a bit scared since there’s so many bad reviews, but as far as I know the actual play has had a pretty good reception. I think people were just expecting it to be like reading another Harry Potter book, which isn’t possible when it’s a completely different medium.

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  2. Both read the script and seen the play and I really do want to reiterate that they are SO DIFFERENT. When I was reading the script all I could think was “wow this plot is a bit… ridiculous” and it still IS the same plot on stage, obviously, but you get lost in the magic of it all. Like you said, this is something meant to be seen not read, and it will blow you away. I didn’t laugh or cry once when reading the script but when I watched it I was laughing non stop, and I cried over five times. THE EMOTIONS MAN.

    Also, we definitely all owe our first born children to the technical department for doing such a superb job with it all (I’M STILL SO CONFUSED BY HOW THEY MANAGED TO PULL OFF SOME OF THE MAGIC?!?!!?!)

    Hope you have the best time, and I really do hope you enjoy it!

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    1. I’m so glad you agree! And you’ve tripled my excitement for the play. This is my point exactly – you just CAN’T get it if you’re reading it. I’ve seen plays onstage, loved them and then read the script and thought it was rubbish.

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      1. Exactly! I think I would enjoy the CC script more now because I could project the play into my imagination, instead of having this empty box in my head, but you’re so right I can’t think of how many boring scripts I’ve read only to have really loved them performed. Two totally, totally different mediums

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