7 thoughts on “June Reads 2016.

  1. 4 book is better than no books! I AM SO HAPPY YOU LOVED THE MAZE RUNNER! I guess you can see it from the capital letters, haha. I did not understand the reviews either. This book grabbed me and threw me into the maze with the boys! However, I hated the movie adaptation. I want to torture the guy who directed it. I really liked The Scorch Trials but I found it slightly less good. Maybe it was because I watched the movies after reading the books. Haha! When do you think you’ll treat yourself with a little Death Cure?
    I think Harry Potter is the only series in which the sequels were as good as the first book. I really liked the first 10 Stephanie Plum books, but recently Janet Evanovich has been reusing the same plots and threads.


  2. 4 books is better than what I read this month! 🙂 I’ve heard such great things about Sophia Khan is not Obliged – was there anything in particular that you didn’t like?


    1. It’s not that I didn’t like it, I was enjoying it but I think I just couldn’t get into any books properly this month. I do still definitely want to finish it so hopefully I’ll pick it up again soon! X


  3. I don’t understand all the hate for the Maze Runner either, I really enjoyed those books, although I agree the first two are better than the final book! I’m glad you enjoyed them too! 🙂 Shame that The Sleep Room was disappointing – that one’s on my TBR too, although maybe I’ll give it a miss if it didn’t deliver the thrills and chills! 😦


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