9 thoughts on “WWW Wednesday Book Meme (11.05.2016).

    1. Are you UK based? I got the whole maze runner series for ridiculously cheap from thebookpeople.co.UK.

      I wasn’t actually so keen on The Cuckoo’s Calling! But I did really like Robin as a character!


      1. Nope 😦 I’m in France, aka the country without any secondhand bookstores selling anything in English, or basically no online bargain whatsoever on foreign books.
        Some Robin love! 🙂 I found her presence refreshing and I definitely would have enjoyed the story less without her.


  1. The Maze Runner is a must! It was the fastest i ever read a book/series.
    I think the maze runner box set from TheBookPeople doesnt contain the prequel The Kill Order. However if you purchase it from The Works (as i did) you get the four books for £10. How much was it at The Book People xxx


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