The Emotional Book-Buying Rollercoaster.

23:00: Hmm, can’t sleep. Wonder what they’ve got on that bargain book website today? I’ll just look, I won’t buy anything.
23.05: I’ll just add that to my basket so it’s ready for next time.
23:10: That too. And that. My god, 6 Philippa Gregory books for £9.99?! I’ll just add those too.
23.12: Didn’t I get a promotion code emailed through earlier?
23:20: Come on, deleted items…
23:30: Boom! Well, I’ll have to order tonight or I won’t get my 5% off.

23:33: Plus, I have to buy books for my blog. I haven’t done a book haul post for ages.
23:34: OK, I haven’t done a haul since last month. Whatevs.
23:35: That total is quite high. You should probably delete some of these.
23:40: Remove random bargain book from basket. You didn’t really want that, you just added it for the sake of it.
23.45: Re-add to basket.
23:50: OK, we’ve reached a reasonable price. You can buy these books and still afford rent. Let’s go to the checkout!
23:51: Right, billing details are filled in, delivery address sorted…Click!
00:00: Ooh, look how pretty the books look in my confirmation email!
00:01: Still can’t sleep. Too excited about the books.

If you didn’t guess, I ordered some books. The above is EXACTLY how it went.


14 thoughts on “The Emotional Book-Buying Rollercoaster.

  1. That’s pretty much what happens to me too 😅. When browsing I just add random books to my basket and when I’m about to check out I’m like whattttt? At what point did I genuinely think I was going to buy all this!


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